Bad Boys III
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Cast Will Smith
Martin Lawrence
Release date 2017

Bad Boys III (also known as Bad Boys 3 or BB3) is the third upcoming movie in the Bad Boys series. It was announced by Martin Lawrence when he appeared on The Mo'Nique Show.


Michael Bay, when asked in 2011 if there would be a "Bad Boys 3", stated that after Transformers: Dark of the Moon (which opened in theaters June 2011) that he may direct it. However, he said that the greatest obstacle would be production costs, since he and Will Smith demand some of the highest film salaries.

Martin Lawrence then appeared on The Mo'Nique Show and officially announced that "Bad Boys III" was in development. This was followed by the announcement that Peter Graig (co-writer of The Town) will write the script.

Michael Bay soon announced the release date of Transformers 4, pushing the release date of "Bad Boys III" to 2017.